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steed n : (literary) a spirited horse for state or war

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Old English steda, ‘stallion’, ‘stud’



  1. A stallion, especially in the sense of mount.
    The studded bridle on a ragged bough
    Nimbly she fastens: -- O, how quick is love! --
    The steed is stalled up, and even now
    To tie the rider she begins to prove:
    Backward she push'd him, as she would be thrust,
    And govern'd him in strength, though not in lust.'' — Shakespeare, "Venus and Adonis".


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Houyhnhnm, brood mare, charger, colt, courser, critter, dobbin, entire, entire horse, equine, filly, foal, gelding, horse, mare, mount, nag, prancer, stallion, stud, studhorse, tarpan, top horse, war-horse, wild horse
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